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Nightwatcher, Void

Absorption is a power that allows the user to absorb matter and energy.


Absorption powers may vary from species to species, though only a few are known to exhibit this ability. At its most basic form, it can be used to absorb matter or energy into the body of the user. (For example, energy weapons would be useless against a being in control of Absorption, as they would be able to absorb the weapons' power into themselves.) Often, the energy must eventually be released to prevent it from building up dangerously inside the user's body.

More powerful users can use absorption in other ways. Tetrack was highly capable of absorbing the bodies and life-forces of others to increase their own power and gain new, stronger forms. This normally requires a strong force of will, as it is necessary to overcome victims' wills during this process.

Other forms of absorption usage exist beside the normal. Shadow leeches and the Kanohi Avsa can absorb physical and moral light energy. Girahk absorb nearby material in order to stimulate their growth abilities. Kodax of absorption, meanwhile, are able to release a nova blast of absorption, which causes the user to absorb all matter in his immediate vicinity and then release it outward in a devastating explosion.

Known usersEdit

All of the following are also affiliated with absorption, or possess absorption powers:

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