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Askar is a Matoran of Twilight in the Life Multiverse.


Early LifeEdit

Askar originally lived in the Planet of Karzahni. However, when Life was overthrown by Death, the being proclaimed the Life Multiverse his own. He appointed Durx Overlord of Karzahni and ordered the Matoran inhabitants, Askar included, to begin searching for metal.

Meeting ShadowEdit

A thousand years after Death's takeover, a maimed, mutated Toa of Shadow, calling herself Shade, appeared in the tunnels of Karzahni. Askar and a little band that he led (comprised of the Matoran Krynsa, Doxkorm, Kondius, Ixgatro, Vatsar, and Nostram) repaired her without Durx's knowledge and gave her prosthetic limbs. However, when she discovered that Askar wanted to show her to Durx, she attacked him, transformed him into a Matoran of Twilight, and left to join the Night Hunters.

Escape from KarzahniEdit

A hundred years later, Askar led his little group on an escape attempt through the tunnels of Karzahni, hoping to reach a steel bridge leading to Planet Prime. He was accompanied on the impossible prospect by KT-1, a robot Ixgatro had discovered in the tunnels a year previously.

Early on, they discovered that Durx was amassing an army of Gligg for Death, and they began to follow the army through the tunnels. However, Durx eventually learned of their existence and cornered them in a cavern. Krynsa improvised, insulting the Katorax, and they managed to escape. Unfortunately, Durx then proceeded to set his army on them.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Like all Matoran of Karzahni, Askar wields a Fay-Claw for defense against small- to medium-sized Rahi.

Askar is a natural leader, ready and willing to take command. He is bold and fearless, and, according to Durx, has all the makings of a Toa. However, like all leaders, he can make valuable mistakes.


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