"He was no Toa of Psionics; he could not read minds or move objects through telekinesis. His power was much simpler: that of aura. Each being, each object, has an aura of energy about them. Tapping into that power allows one not to read minds or control them; he was able to sense emotions, ideas. It was simple, and that was his power: simplicity itself."
Rantu uses his Aura powers [src]
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Blue, green

Aura is a naturally occurring element that allows users to detect and control objects through the aura field.

Powers Edit

  • Healing and regeneration.
  • Limited precognition abilities.
    • In some rare cases, the user is capable of experiencing visions of the past or future.
  • Recognition of others' emotions and powers.
  • Releasing an Aura nova blast that stuns all opponents. (Toa-exclusive)

Example usageEdit

Rantu used his Aura powers in The Fairon Chronicles to awake Brominax from his coma.

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  • It is not by any means related to Indigo, despite some similarities.

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