Barraki Islands War

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Matoran Universe



The Barraki Islands War was a Matoran Universe-wide conflict in the aftershock of the League of Six Kingdoms' demise.


In the aftershock of the defeat of the League of Six Kingdoms, many rival islands, now freed from the Barraki's rule, took advantage of the power vacuum attempted to seize power and territory from others. The result was a thousand-year war between many rival factions. The period is noteworthy for the uniting of the Noctian Islands under one banner, that of the Enforcers of Noctian Reign, which had risen to power once more after the League's defeat.

Eventually, the Noctian Islands, which had become neutral arms-suppliers, made a secret alliance with Archosa and Xia, the two biggest weapon-spouters of the war (both on opposite sides) to start giving all the factions defective weapons, thus ending the war.


After the war's end, many small groups continued to persist in their attempts to conquer territory, but the major factions of the universe at the time, the Brotherhood of Makuta and Order of Mata Nui, each separately sent members on a series of missions to take down the remaining groups.

It is known that Nightwatcher was hired by the Brotherhood to defeat one of these factions, and the method he used to do so involved employing a complex plan, which involved making all of the members of the kill one another without even showing his face. Upon the mission's completion, Nightwatcher was awarded a substantial sum of widgets by an impressed Makuta Miserix.




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