Tools Comlink, Zamor Launchers, Flamethrower Missiles, Thrusters, Poison Gas Dispenser, Rotating Blades, swords, Smoke Missiles, Force Field Generator
Status Destroyed
Location Bara Magna
Pronunciation N/A

The Baterra are a class of robot created by the Great Beings.


The baterra were created by the Great Beings for the purpose of ending the Core War by disarming the Glatorian combatants. After the Shattering took place, most baterra ended up on the planet Bara Magna. They became the Skrall's most deadly foes.

Thousands of years later, the baterra began to attack unarmed beings, an act that defied their programming. Recognizing the great danger from them, Nilias' Bone Hunter tribe and the Skrall united to defeat them. A Noctian devised a battle plan against them, and in the Battle of Creep Canyon, the baterra were defeated.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


The baterra are programmed to wipe out all weapon-carrying beings in order to keep peace. However, the computer virus changed their programming, and they grew capable of attacking any beings, weapon-carrying or not.

The baterra are highly skilled at all the main combat forms, as they were trained by several Great Being instructors, each skilled at a different form.


Baterra are armed with long blades attached to their body, and possess a large amount of artillery. Baterra are capable of spewing poison gas, and have a powerful fan to blow enemies away or slice their armor. They also have smoke missiles, which provide a smoke screen along with a small explosion.

Trivia Edit

  • Baterra is a Skrall word meaning "silent death."