Tools Protodermis Katanas
Status Operating
Location Odina Prime
Pronunciation N/A

Blade is a robot created by the Night Hunters of Odina Prime. He was the prototype design for The Shadowed One's bodyguard Kanskar.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Blade, like Kanskar, has the ability to artificially replicate all the powers of Kanohi masks that he has ever worn.

Blade possesses a great deal of armor, enough to blunt most weapons. He has two Protodermis Katana built into his arm, and can sheathe and unsheathe them at will.

He resents that he does not have as much authority as Kanskar because he is "a mere prototype." He is one of the few beings that Shadow does not resent, and shares quarters with her.

He is somewhat kindly, and is merciful; a trait most Dark Hunters do not share.


  • His ability to sheathe and unsheathe the Katanas in his arms is based that of Wade Wilson from the X-Men Wolverine film.
  • He is able to impersonate Kanskar with his power of illusion.