The Capture of Sacho Nui was a major battle in the First Order of Darkness War. Template:Battle


Inhabitants of Sacho NuiEdit

  • Drive off the invasion.

Order of DarknessEdit



The Order of Darkness' first attempt at conquest, and the organization's first use of the Tetrack Warship, was an enormous success. Velnax, on Antidax's orders, encouraged Kutrax to leave Robotopolis in Velnax's care and aid in the Order of Darkness' war effort. After a scouting mission, Kutrax began sending his troops out, commanding the assault from his flagship.


After the destruction of one of Kutrax's ships by the Sacho Nui catapult, the battle shifted to the island. Both sized were known to have utilized war Rahi such as Gukko and some Gligg. The infected Xa-Matoran, unfortunately for Sacho Nui's inhabitants, quickly decimated their army, and the Order of Mata Nui called Dorex in to teleport the island's population away to Daxia. The plan backfired when, due to the influence of Shadowdermis, all beings that Dorex had teleported ended up in the Order of Darkness' prison. Dorex was also taken into custody.


Fairon and Rantu managed to escape from their prison and end the war by forcing Velnax into hiding and destroying the Shadowdermis that had aided the Order of Darkness.