Commander Skrall

In existence

Commander Skrall are a high-ranking Skrall class.


The Commander Skrall were created by the Great Beings before the Shattering of Spherus Magna. Those that lived on Bara Magna served under Tuma.

A Commander Skrall named Draconius participated in the Bounty Hunter Wars as a high-ranking member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. After the Guild went into hiding, Draconius continued to lead it until they revealed themselves to the Gigas Magna Empire in 902 AGC. Draconius attempted to retire, but Tetrack attempted to kill him instead. He survived, and made his home in the core processor under Metru Nui.

Nightwatcher was temporarily transformed into a Commander Skrall by energized protodermis during the Duel in the Prophecy Room, though he still retained most of his former power. However, after his exposure to Shadowdermis, he was transformed into a Makuta.

Draconius was later discovered by Brominax and a team of Order of Mata Nui members. He showed no hostile feelings towards his former foe, and later came to aid the Order.

Abilities and traitsEdit

Commander Skrall have higher intellectual capability than most other forms of Skrall, and have stronger armor made from fallen meteorites. Their enhanced strength and intelligence leads to higher fighting capability, and as a result, most are named.

Known individualsEdit


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