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Cronica Nui is an island



it was originally an uninhabited island in the great sea of spherus magna, howver this all changed when the elemental lord of water sent a scouting party to the island and found energized proto-dermis. This started a war for the island between the alliance of rock an iron tribes, and the alliance of jungle and water tribes both tried to conquer the island which gained the attention of the great beings. one such great being decided to pick sides and began aiding the rock/iron alliance causing his brothers put him to sleep with the same chemicals that affected mata nui. eventually rock/iron alliance set up colonies there and began living there. durring the shattering thoose unlucky tribe members where stuck on aqua magna for many years until they saw a large object falling on their planet


when mata nui hit aqua magna it made a wave that launched the island into the air (killing all the tribe members on it) and landed in the hole created by voya nui's exit. it was shortly rediscovered by matoran returning from mata nui and was settled the turaga there read a tablet about the sleeping great being passing down legends of him.

Rise of EvilEdit

all was good until the brotherhood of makuta sent Neocrax to watch the island. however after the death of the turaga he gained power over the island and although he only voted for teridax so as to survive he soon was corupted by power. he created specilly adapted visorak to enforce his rein over the island. however during the reign of shadows just as teridax was about to kill him a demensional gate opened up and dropped it on Noctxia Magna it later was found that the move was made by a parallel Neocrax defending his main demensional self.

New planetEdit

it now rests in the Sea of Life near the noctian islands. becuase it has no defense it was quickly conquered by noctia and became part of its empire.


it has a diverse geography parts of it are snowy while others are dense jungles. it is largely undeveloped and was a vacation place for many noctians while it was in the matoran universe.


  • it would normally be considered a noctian island due to its geographical location however it is not since its from aqua magna
  • despite the above it is governed by noctia