"Who else?"
Fairon and Dorex, The Fairon Chronicles

Dorex is the former chief weapons instructor for the Order of Mata Nui. Template:Character Infobox



Dorex in the Capture of Sacho Nui

Early LifeEdit

His early history is unknown. He somehow became the chief weapons and fighting instructor for the Order of Mata Nui.

First Order of Darkness WarEdit

He was sent to aid two of his former pupils, Fairon and Rantu, during the Capture of Sacho Nui. As the island began to fall, he teleported the entire population of the island away to Daxia before being knocked unconscious. Makuta Velnax captured him, imprisoned him in Robotopolis, and tortured the weapons instructor until he revealed how to absorb beings' power.

Shortly after, during the Duel in Robotopolis, the city of Robotopolis fell into the waters of Aqua Magna, with Dorex inside. Having lost his Olmak, he was likely either killed by drowning or vaporized when Shadowdermis, which was the power source for the entire city, exploded.


Abilities and TraitsEdit

Dorex was able to control the element of Stone, but preferred not to use his elemental powers and used his Olmak and swords instead. He was skilled with most kinds of weapons, and was selected as Order of Mata Nui training instructor.



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