Draconius is a Skrall and the former leader of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Template:Character Infobox


Draconius' early life is unknown. It is believed that he participated in the Kodax War (which may account for his military experience) but neither side possesses records of having him in their army. (It is still a possibility that the records are incomplete.)

He came to be a member of Tetrack's Bounty Hunters' Guild and rose to a high position. He assisted Tetrack during the Bounty Hunter Wars and became leader himself after Tetrack's imprisonment. He kept the Guild in hiding and operating smoothly for many millennia.

After the short Gigas Magna Civil War, Draconius chose to bring the Guild out of hiding to ally with Tetrack's new Brotherhood of Gigas Magna. At one point, when he expressed a desire to retire, Tetrack attempted to kill him, saying that he had a job for life, and that he could only be relieved of it when he died. He escaped to the Matoran Universe.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

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  • He is very loosely inspired by a character from Star Wars.