Durx is a former Dark Hunter, the Overlord of Karzahni, and a lieutenant in the Death Warriors. Template:Character2


Early LifeEdit

Durx was created by the High Being Life when Life created the Katorax. He personally knew the inventor Fayron, but they split apart when Fayron created the Katorax Armor and became famous. Durx, envious, joined the Dark Hunters, and was eventually appointed the Overlord of Karzahni by Death. Durx agreed, hoping that it would grant him some of the glory that he had been hoping for.

The ProjectsEdit

Death assigned Durx to complete two top-secret missions, the first being to gather an army of Gligg for the Death Warriors. Durx did so, leading them to the metal bridge that connected Karzahni to Planet Prime, happening to run into a group of Matoran escaping from Karzahni.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Durx is a Katorax, meaning that he is, naturally, a slim gray being with no natural defense. However, the inventor Fayron developed a way out of their predicament millennia ago: creating Katorax Armor, which is attached to the body and is nearly impenetrable. Durx also carries a sword.



Durx is arrogant and proud, and considers himself to be the greatest being in the Life Multiverse. However, when confronted with something more powerful than he, he cowers in fear, and thus is viewed as weak.


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