The Fruit Agori are a sub-species of Agori, and were soldiers in Poisonot's Fruit Empire. Template:Species3


After The Shockwave, Gresh accidentally shot a Giant Kiglo Papaya, from which sprang a Fruit Glatorian that shot other papayas and created more of its own kind, as well as the Fruit Agori. Under the leadership of Poisonot, they Fruit Empire quickly captured or killed nearly the entire population of Bara Magna, leaving only a small handful of guerrilla fighters.

After several failed assaults by the Fruit Empire on Raanu-G and his team, Bug-Eyed discovered that the Fruit Agori and Fruit Glatorian were connected in a hive mind, and used that knowledge to destroy the species.

Poisonot is currently trying to recreate the species for an assault on a parallel Matoran Universe.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

They are armed with powerless swords, and they have no power of their own. Crystal spheres attached to the backs of their heads allow the Fruit Agori to form a hive mind, but the destruction of a sphere results in the death of not just the individual Fruit Agori, but some other members of the hive mind as well. This allowed Bug-Eyed to virtually annihilate the Fruit Agori population.


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