The Fruit Glatorian War is a war on an alternate Bara Magna in the Fruit Glatorian Universe between the Bara Magna Resistance Team and the Fruit Empire. Template:War


Beginning of the WarEdit

Shortly after the Shockwave, a Fruit Glatorian was created by Gresh when he shot a Giant Kiglo Papaya with his Thornax. Before Gresh could react, it created more of its own kind by shooting other papayas, and a small army of approximately 10,000 Fruit Glatorian and about 1,000 Fruit Agori. Poisonot was able to take command of their army and mold it into his "Fruit Empire."

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The battle against Maka-Taka

The Glatorian and Agori, taken entirely by surprise, were either enslaved, recruited, or killed. The last free beings, Raanu and Tarix, became the targets of the full force of the entire Fruit Empire. After a battle with a being from the Matoran Universe of their dimension, Maka-Taka, they were transformed: Raanu into the Glatorian Raanu-G; Tarix into a shadow version of himself, Garix.

Bara Magna Resistance TeamEdit

A dimensional traveler named Bug-Eyed joined their cause, and helped Raanu-G and Garix defeat a Fruit Glatorian attack. They were soon joined by Maka-Taka, who had given up on his plan to conquer the Matoran Universe, his aide The Hunter, and a parallel Toa Mata Nui. Together, they became the Bara Magna Resistance Team.

After another battle, Bug-Eyed discovered that the Fruit Glatorian and Agori possessed an interconnected hive mind, which they used to annihilate the species. Poisonot sent the Skrall Gyron, along with The Beast, to kill them, but Garix, an old friend of Gyron's, managed to convince him to kill The Beast and reveal the location of Poisonot's base.


Mata Nui evades Poisonot's blow

End of the WarEdit

Poisonot confronted the Resistance Team in his base and attacked them with his elite squad of six Fruit Glatorian. He engaged Mata Nui in a duel, but the other members of the team had defeated his Fruit Glatorian and attempted to corner him. Recognizing defeat, Poisonot fled.


Raanu-G returned Mata Nui to his own universe, and Bug-Eyed was able to free the surviving Glatorian and Agori from slavery. Remembering a vow to free Mata Nui's universe of Teridax's rule, the Resistance Team went there, but were followed by Poisonot.