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Elemental Shadow powers, shapeshifting


Tentacles, Swords



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"Fyxon was a fool, if they had left me in command of the armies, I would've fought until the day we would win, but Fyxon wanted to retreat, the fool"
―Valtrahk talking about Fyxon

Fyxon is a Kodax and a member of the Order of Darkness. He was also a spy in the Bounty Hunters' Guild.


Early LifeEdit

Fyxon was created by Antidax and a number of his followers to be a Kodax, a prototype for the later Makuta species. When The Shattering took place, he and the other Kodax ended up on Kodax Magna.

He was created alongside Fyxan, Kodax of Light, and they were close friends until Fyxan began to grow in rank. Fyxon, a mere servant, grew envious of him.

Kodax WarEdit

Fyxon showed great skill in battle during the invasion of Gigas Magna, and quickly became a commander. He faced Fyxan, who had defected to the Great Being side, multiple times, notably during the war's final battle.

When Velnax was defeated by Brominax in single combat, Fyxon was left in command of the Kodax forces. He executed a hasty retreat to Kodax Magna, where the Kodax armies scattered forever.

Underworld War Edit

Coming soon

Abilities and Traits Edit

Fyxon has the power of Shadow, and full control over the element.

He can also shapeshift into different forms.

Mask and Tools Edit

What kanohi he wears is unknown.

His tools are his tentacles and a sword.

Appearances Edit

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