Gaakhu-Nui is a Noctian Island. Template:Location infobox


Gaakhu-Nui became a member of the united Noctian Islands in approximately 79,500 BGC, during the Barraki Islands War. It helped end the war by supplying all the warring factions with defective weapons.

The Federation of Gaakhu-Nui was created to protect it and the surrounding islands. now it was moved by the Unidentified Great Being and is now in the Sea of Life on Noctxia Magna

Seas of ShadowsEdit

In a parallel universe, Gaakhu-Nui landed on Oceaus Magna because of the sudden and catastrophic explosion of Mata Nui. The inhabitants ended up coexisting with Glatorian and Agori.


It is known that Gaakhu-Nui has at least one jungle.

In the Seas of Shadows parallel universe, it ended up on Oceaus Magna. It has multiple villages.


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