Template:BGMOC Template:WriterTemplate:Location infobox Gekkak-nui was an island south east of metru nui yet north east of Karzani it was created by the ancients a tribe of agori trapped in the matoran universe and is now a matoran-reptisapian occupied island. the island was known to be very tropical and the middle of the island was covered in lush jungle many waterfalls became rivers that poured into the flooded city. Reptisapians where some of t first inhabitants to live on the island however when the island was discovered by matoran the reptisapians gladly helped the matoran colonize, but the reptisapians tend to stay to them selves in the lush jungle while the matoran live in flatter terain. the light blue area is makura bay named after the great being. in the very center of the island is a mountain made out of ice on the however inside of the mountain is mostly water. many ruins lie in the island, the islands capital city is large and full of technology while the rest of the cities are more reliant on nature. the island is almost always shrouded by an Erie mist. for unknown reasons there is a smaller version of Krada nui (minus the swamp of secrets) inside Gekkak-nui the only way to reach it is through a series of caverns there is also a replica of the codrex as well as a population of av-matoran sadly the matoan of the surface have never explored the carvers Ga-Gekkas look almost the same as ga metru as all ga-matoran on the island where from metru nui as a result the protodermis around gekkak nui is blue. it was all like this until a disaster struck the island sending it on to the endless ocean planet no sentient being had stepped foot on the island for over 1,000 years. its movement made a wirlpool and many other strange currents within the dome it once resided now it is begining to be rebuilt by matoran and other beings that where shipwrecked on this island. it recently fused with Noctia and then was teleported to Noctxia Magna


  • it is extremely dangerous to reach the island in any vehicle other than an airship otherwise to reach it you would have to walk through the pit
  • there are strange air generators it would appear the island has a mechanism in case it sinks.
  • Gekkak is based on gecko biogecko's favorite animal
  • just like mata nui was divided up into Koros this island is broken up into Gekas
  • some beings refer to it as shipwreck-nui due to the fact that all inhabitance where ship wrecked
  • Gekkak-nui is home to some regressed reptisapeans kind of like vovorx these are very rare creatures
  • there are several prophecies about the island.

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