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"Me Gekkan. You bad. Yorr smash!"
Yorr to Slicer
Gekkan (species)


Gekkans are a species of sentient Rahi. They are known for their famous role in the Second Battle of Tenik Nui, and most were rewarded by the Great Beings by undergoing the transformation into Reptisapeans.


The Gekkans were created by the Great Beings immediately before The Shattering. Upon Spherus Magna's splintering, most of the species' members were evacuated to Gigas Magna.

Many Gekkans, including the famous Yorr, participated in the Kodax War that ensued a thousand years later. During the final battle, Yorr rallied a massive army of Gekkans that attacked the Kodax armies. As a reward, the Great Beings gave them the opportunity to become Reptisapeans. Most of them accepted the reward, though a few, such as Yorr himself, refused, preferring their current form. Those Gekkans remained on Gigas Magna.

During the Underworld War, a large number of Gekkans defected to the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Gekkans possess somewhat below-average intelligence, but still possess sentience. It has been theorized that their deduction and reasoning skills had been somehow impaired by magnetic effects of energized protodermis, though this has not been proven.

However, the Gekkans make up for their lack of intelligence by sheer strength. In addition, they possess limited Acid powers. Their sole weapons are natural Ice claws.


  • Infant: Reptilian insectoid form with tiny wings and long tongues that allow them to extract nectar from plants.
  • Tree jumpers (named by Le-Matoran): Still possess wings, but are too heavy to fly. They are capable of leaping long distances. Their name comes from the fact that they prefer to live in forest canopies.
  • Swarmers: Their wings have disappeared, and they are now only on land with a complete lizard-like appearance. Pridak used them in his original army as mounts.
  • Sentients: Sentient Gekkans have an upright, humanoid posture. They are sometimes unable to interact well with other species, due to their relatively low intelligence.

Known GekkansEdit



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