Gigas Magna: Death in the Streets is a short story describing one of the many mysteries of the undercity in Tenik Nui. Template:Story Infobox

Story Edit

Nobody remembers me. One Agori on a world full of them. I'm not at all surprised, either. I wouldn't remember an Agori that I saw on a street I passed through once.

Not that anyone other than me has even walked through these streets in years. Only me. Alone.

The reason nobody comes here? Well, around 20,000 years ago, a monster was set loose here. It tore everyone to shreds (except for me). Apparently, it still stalks the streets at night. I haven't seen it, but then I don't really remember the night-time very well. I don't know why, 'cause I never fall asleep.

If I could leave these streets, I would. But, sadly, there's a force-field generator keeping me in. Maybe that's why nobody comes, or maybe it's the monster. I don't know.

There's no escape for me. I can't even see the city above; I'm so far down. Occasionally, a Stone Rat manages to get in. But, come morning, I find its corpse, with no memory of how it died.

I've grown use to life down here. It has its downsides, but at least it’s quiet here. The force-field must deaden noise from outside.

But here I am, alone. Well, not alone. Death’s here, waiting for me. Death is in the streets.

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Trivia Edit

  • The mad Agori in the story is also the beast in the street. He transforms at night, unaware, and remembers nothing. He is the result of one of Mordrax's experiments during the Bounty Hunter Wars.


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