The Gigas Magna Skyfighter is a flying battle vehicle. Template:Object2


The Brotherhood of Gigas Magna created them for a campaign to conquer worlds beyond Gigas Magna. Eventually, the Gigas Magna Resistance gained possession of some as well. They came into high usage during the Rebellion era.


Command CapsuleEdit


The first of the two main parts is known as the Command Capsule, which contains the primary controls. It is capable of rotating while firing blasters. In the event of an emergency, the blasters can be made to detach and a thruster will be activated, separating it from the Secondary Area and turning it into an escape pod.

Secondary AreaEdit


Most of the crew are located here, but can easily be evacuated to the Command Capsule in an emergency. If the Command Capsule detaches, it is programmed to transform into a large mechanical likeness of a Rahi as a decoy.