"It's a Gligg. I hate Gligg."
Luus, The Last Apocalypse

A Gligg is a species of Rahi in the Life Multiverse.



The Gligg were created by Life, being the first species that Life created that was not based off of a design by the Great Beings. They were originally a sentient, peaceful race that protected the Matoran alongside the Toa, but Death transformed them into mindless, bloodthirsty Rahi.

Some Gligg were accidentally teleported into the Matoran Universe by Brominax, and they were eventually tamed by Toa and Matoran.

Durx amassed an army of Gligg as a branch of the Death Warriors.


Upon approaching the summit of the Mountain where Death resided, Toa Tanma was transformed into a Gligg. Luus, his partner, attacked him the Gligg, and Tanma, unable to withstand her powers of Light, fell into the swamp below. However, he survived the fall and accidentally fell into a portal to Karzahni.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Gligg can breathe fireballs, which can melt almost any form of matter. In addition, they carry wings, which allow them to fly. Their armour, despite being unnaturally thin, is extremely strong, as it can deflect jets of plasma. However, their wings and eyes are extremely vulnerable. Their crablike pincers are molten hot, able to boil anything they come in contact with.


  • The cry of the Gligg sounds like this.
  • This image does not have the correct design for the Gligg mouth. This one does.



A Gligg in sprite form.


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