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One of Tuma's most faithful servants, he did his jobs very loyaly. Later, however, he became friends with Tarix. Then, when he was forced to fight Tarix and he refused, he was bannished from the tribes, and traveled halfway around the planet, where he met Poisonot. Poisonot took him in, and Gyron became his only warrior.

The Dimension Chronicles Trilogy Edit

Gyron was ordered, after Raanu-G's group, consisting of: The Hunter, Mata Nui, Garix, Bug-Eyed, and Maka-Taka, defeated Poisonot's Fruit Glatorian, to go defeat them with the help of the Fisttak, The Beast. However, when Gyron saw Garix with them, he had a change of heart, and killed The Beast instead. He then led the group to Poisonot's lair, where he found himself fighting Poisonot's secret group of elite Fruit Glatorian, while Mata Nui chased Poisonot. When they finished the battle, they went to rescue Mata Nui, but Poisonot escaped through a trap door. Mata Nui thenleft, but one week later, Gyron and the whole gang left for Mata Nui's dimension, to fufil a promise they had made to him. That is all that is currently known.

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  • Standard Skrall sword.
  • Standard Skrall shield.
  • Sword-mounted Thornax launcher.

Personality Edit

Disgusted with the evil ways of the Skrall, Gyron often went to far away caves to be away from them all. He also liked it when he was banished, it was a relief to be away from them. His only friend ever before Mata Nui and them was Tarix.

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