Hixia is the Toa Zinia of Fire. Template:Character Infobox


The Matoran Hixia lived on the planet of Zinia and was transformed into a Toa at an unknown time. As the deputy leader of the Toa Zinia, it was his duty to protect Zinia Village from threats.

He once engaged with the leader of the team, Siria, in a friendly duel for possession of the Mask of Fitness, which he lost.

He accepted the former Toa Skeelax Tsunami into the Toa team, as she was trapped on the planet. One night, the Bay-Tech attacked and killed the Toa team while they slept, but did not see Siria, Tsunami, and himself. When they awoke, Hixia saw Tsunami standing over their teammates' corpses and blamed her for their deaths. They and the Matoran of Zinia Village exiled her to the mountains.


Much later, he and Siria were attacked by the Bay-Tech on a grassy plain, and attempted to escape. they were joined by another Toa of Fire named Flamu, who attempted to attack the creatures. Siria got them away to the mountains, where they met Tsunami. He realized that Tsunami was innocent of the murder of their teammates and that the Bay-Tech were responsible, but she refused to accept his apology and blew him away in a massive tidal wave.

They met the Matoran Kayfidax, who was also riding the tidal wave, and were ambushed by the Bay-Tech.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Like all Toa of Fire, Hixia is capable of controlling and manipulating the element of Fire. He has enhanced armor that was created from a strong metal rare on Zinia. He carries a sword equipped with a High-Energy Plasma Launcher, and a claw.




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