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Ice was one of the Katorax created by Life, the creator of the multiverse, and lived on the planet Javnak. Life abandoned the Katorax because they had no natural defenses, but the species eventually obtained those upon Fayron's design of Katorax Armor.

Ice apparently worshiped Durx, so when he Durx joined the Dark Hunters on Odina Prime, he joined as well. He earned the disrespect of the other Dark Hunters, who considered him a weak-minded coward. When Durx left the organization to join the Death Warriors, Ice followed once again and was trained as Durx's bodyguard.

Ice was eventually killed by Shadow.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Ice wore Katorax Armor, a powerful type of defense. He also carried a sword, which was given to him by The Shadowed One.


Ice was loyal to Durx to the end, and was often deemed a groveling, annoying, foolish coward. However, he made up for the weakness by skill in battle.


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