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Iguantius was once a Gekko Spikit until one day Makura made some of the Gekko Spikits into a sentient species known as Reptisapeans, in there gratitude they began making statues of the Great Being and worshiping him like the Matoran do Mata nui. On the first day of their existence they found a trident and believed it was Makura's the Trident is past on to each leader now it is in Iguantius' hands as he is the leader of the Reptisapean. He is wise and a amazing warrior but not quite as adventurous a his best friend Chameleo. He and his brother spent their whole lives training as they both knew that he would be the leader. Now fights to protect his tribe and his brother, all using his sacred spear.


The trident has a hook on the end ot allow one to climb or to rip the weapon out of their hand he also has natural claws.


He is not very adventurous but he would give his life for any of the other reptisapeans especially his brother. He is a caring leader and gives his tribe what they need, he is a strong believer sticking together.


  • Makura is Makuta Kaper's creation