KT-1 is a robot in The Last Apocalypse. Template:Character Infobox


KT's early history is unknown. However, it has something to do with Vixtus. He was discovered by the Ko-Matoran Ixgatro in the tunnels of the planet Karzahni and adopted by him, becoming useful while Askar's band of seven Matoran searched for metal for Durx's use.

At one point, Askar led an escape attempt from Karzahni, but the group was caught by Durx.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


KT is willing and obedient to Ixgatro, referring to him as "Master." He does not refer to his past; whether this is his choice or not is yet to be revealed.


  • His personality is based off that of the droid PROXY from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.


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