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Kaluu was a rouge member of the Brotherhood he sided with Teridax but wanted his old job back. So he ran away before Teridax could kill him. He has now been in hiding ever since living on his assigned island of Noctia. He owns a vat of Energized Protodermis in which he creates Rahi. He currently is on pretending to be a Skrall so he can locate the source of a power his plans Are what he believes to be his destiny. He disguised himself as Tuma and killed a parallel Leviathos after he formed the Glatorian Squad.

Brotherhood of FearEdit

He later was recruited to the Brotherhood of Fear by Krakanus and has done much to serve them. He like all members have learned to hate Leviathos. He experenced the insanity of Krakanus At the hands of Nightwatcher and captured Leviathos bringing him back to the Brotherhood of Fear's base and now he has discovered that his organization has become the Brotherhood of Unity.

Society of the KraahkanEdit

he betrayed the Brotherhood of Fear and joined a new organization the Society of the Kraahkan

Abilites and TraitsEdit

Like all Makuta, he can acces up to 42+ Makuta powers.



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