Katorax are a species originating from the planet Javnak in the Life Multiverse, as well as on Zatax Magna in the Ryta storyline.


In Existence



The Katorax were created on the planet Javnak by Life a hundred years before Death conquered the Life Multiverse. Unfortunately, Life's attempt to give them armor malfunctioned, and he abandoned them as failures. Forty years later, a Katorax inventor named Fayron created Katorax Armor out of protosteel, and Fayron eventually became famous across the Life Multiverse for his inventions.

Later, a Katorax named Durx became a Dark Hunter, and was later made a lieutenant in the Death Warriors.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Katorax have no natural defense, and are Toa-sized gray creatures. For defense, some Katorax carry a sword, and all have Katorax Armor.

Katorax ArmorEdit

Katorax armor was designed by Fayron on Javnak, sixty years before Death conquered the Life Multiverse. It was made out of protosteel.

Known FormsEdit

Male Katorax Armor
Female Katorax Armor
Katorax Battle Armor

Known KatoraxEdit

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