Template:BGMOC Template:Writer This is a Kanohi fusion of the Killphi and the Eliki. It is sometimes called the Kiliki. Template:Kanohi Infobox


It allows the user to create vacuums and inhale objects as well as disorient targets. When these abilities are used in conjunction, the user can inhale objects and transform them into energy that is released as a shockwave that disorients beings.

Creative wearers are able to think up many original things to do with this Kanohi, such as inhaling Kanohi to use their power and even using it in a telekinetic fashion.

Example UsageEdit

In The Leviathos Chronicles, Leviathos attempted to inhale Nightwatcher with this mask. However, Nightwatcher transformed into energy and was unharmed.

Notable WearersEdit



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