Knife (TheSlicer)
Physical description

Double-bladed swords

Chronological and political information

Knife is a female Katorax and corrupted member of the Guardians of Life. She came to Gigas Magna and is currently in the employ of Forsk 2.


Knife was, like all Katorax, created by Life. Life pronounced the Katorax "failures," seeing as they had no natural armor. Fayron overcame that problem by designing Katorax Armor. She later joined the Guardians of Life, but found the "moral restrictions" to be too great and left.

She returned to Javnak in the middle of the Raid on Tilaria and gave herself up to the attacking Dark Hunters. Seeing her awesome fighting skills, they took her in and allowed her to join the organization. However, she was uncomfortable about going on missions only for money, and saw the chance to escape when Toa Charon left Odina Prime for another universe.

She wandered in the Matoran Universe for quite some time, and made her way to Gigas Magna. The Underworld War was occurring, and Forsk 2 was planning a rebellion. She agreed to let him train her in even more methods of fighting than she had previously known, and helped him during his attempted assassination of Tetrack.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Knife wears the feminine style of Katorax Armor, instead of the bulky version of Katorax Battle Armor. She was a master of any weapon given her, and was likely one of the greatest warriors in the history of Odina Prime. She wishes to gain elemental power, which would make her much stronger.


  • She was based on the character Lariska.