The Kodax are a powerful species, created as the prototype for the Makuta. Template:Species2


On Spherus Magna, they were created by the Great Being Antidax as a Makuta prototype, but were stranded on Kodax Magna when Spherus Magna shattered. They eventually arrived on Gigas Magna and, on the orders of the traitorous Antidax, declared war on the Order of Great Beings, but were defeated. Antidax's treachery was discovered by Brominax and he was banished, but he continued his operations in secret.

Many Kodax participated in the Gigas Magna Civil War. One, Slicer, made a failed attempt to assassinate Brominax. Another, Fyxon, was a lieutenant to Forsk and commanded a large portion of the Brotherhood of Gigas Magna army, while his brother Fyxan became a hero in the Enforcers' lines. All three of them emigrated to the Matoran Universe after the end of the war.

A Kodax named Velnax, who led their armies in the Kodax War, is currently plotting to take over the Matoran Universe.

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