Krahkone was a Noctian gangster, who bacame the number one distributer of illegal weapons and Protoplasmids.


Early lifeEdit

He started out as a card counter and a street thug for hire, beating people up for money. As well as getting thrown out of nearly every casino on Noctia, he was known for getting banned from bars for stirring up too much trouble. Much more soon


Krahkone was known to be a violent greedy sarcastic narcissist, who enjoyed the feeling of revenge from a young age on. More coming soon


He was known to carry a more powerful version of a club used in Noctian Sports. He also carried a large amounts of guns and plasma weapons with him but preferred the club for intimidation. He was also known to fly in a "Triblade" which was a Helicopter like vehicle with four machine-gun and two rocket turrets mount along the sides.


  • His name is a fusion of Al Capone's and the word Krakan with a more BIONICLE-esc spelling
  • He will play a large role in The Noctian Chronicles after the half way point