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"Destral can burn for all I care, but I will not rest until the psychotic scrap of a shadow Teridax is dead"
―Krakanus to Necuas

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Krakanus was created just like all the other Makuta, in one special place. He never liked the Matoran even when he was first created.

The PlanEdit

For years Krakanus created sea and insectiod Rahi making them vicious and purposefully attacking Matoran. He eventually acquired a Toa Hagah team, however when Chirox created Visorak his Toa Hagah where the only ones to find out about the capture of the island Visorak so Krakanus had his Toa Haggah team mutated by Visorak venom into to Hordika. There is only one surviving member of his Toa team to this day. During the Matoran Civil War he and Mutran put more rahi into Metru Nui in order to test their destructive level, After the war he was assigned Makuta of Gekkak-nui. When he was called back to Destral by Teridax he had just discovered the theroy of how Makuta where created, on that very night he sidded with Teridax knowing that he would be able to become the ultimate Makuta if he followed his own plan and Teridax making the brotherhood into an army helped Krakanus' plans even more. Soon he telepathic recruited a fellow Makuta to his cause. He then journeyed to the birthplace of all Makuta and absorbed some of the substance making him a powerful Makuta. However, there is one more thing he needs to complete his plan. For some reason he is having Necuas trying to kill Leviathos. He countinued to hunt Leviathos until the Unnamed Great being sent him to Noctxia Magna.


He has rectruted many Shadow Toa as well as make a base on Noctxia Magna. However, after having some dealing with Nightwatcher where he was almost killed. Althought he survived Night watcher penetrated his oraganization by pretending to be Necuas and has been driving him insane until he will die. However, Nightwatcher has been defeated and he has become sane again and temporarily joined an alliance of many things.


He is a typical Makuta exept surprisingly more evil. He is also constantly planning his next move as life is just one big war campaign to him.


  • He has all Makuta powers and the element of Shadow.
  • He has a razor sharp wing blade staff that can cut through Makuta armor.
  • He has a Shadow Cordak Blaster that the ammunition is made of his elemental shadow.
  • Silver claw he can slash with it or fire use elemental lightning.
  • Black claw slashing an it allows elemental fire.


  • His name is based on Krakan.
  • When he upgraded him self he gained control over fire and lightning.
  • He can still uses his Makuta powers even though he now controls lightning.


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