Krynsa is a Ga-Matoran in the Life Multiverse. Template:Character Infobox


Early LifeEdit

Krynsa, a Ga-Matoran, was created by the High Being Life and placed inside the planet of Karzahni. Later, when Death took over the Life Multiverse, he put her to work harvesting metal for a currently unknown purpose.

The TunnelsEdit

Krynsa, along with six other Matoran, attempted to leave Karzahni via its tunnels after they suspected that Death planned to use them as soldiers. After discovering an army of Gligg marching through the tunnels, they were caught by Durx, the Overlord of Karzahni.

Weapons and MaskEdit

Krynsa wears a Matoran Kanohi Ruru. She also has a Fay-Claw, which was given to all Matoran of Karzahni for the use of defense against Rahi.

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