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Kunaku is the Makuta of Sacho Nui and a former member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He is also the one who created Shadowdermis and Mephiles.


Early LifeEdit

Kunaku was created by Mata Nui alongside all other Makuta. It was his job to create a substance similar to Energized Protodermis, but the experiment failed and transformed into the virus called Shadowdermis.


Upon the creation of Shadowdermis he began a project he called "Mephiles". The project involved a Rahi which would be infected with Antidermis and Shadowdermis, as well as Pit Mutagen and Hordika venom. The result was a monstrous being who attempted to kill him, but Kunaku escaped, though the Brotherhood considered him dead.

Xa NuiEdit

"No more games, Toa. This is it. Say goodbye to the world you know!"
―Kunaku to Rantu and Fairon

Kunaku then infiltrated Xa Nui and released shadowdermis on the Matoran, turning them insane and giving them new powers. The shadowdermis also diverted the path of Rantu and Fairon, who were being teleported to Robotopolis, and Kunaku attacked them. However, they defeated him and considered him dead, which was untrue.

Robotopolis Edit

Kunaku, after orders from Velnax, then went to Robotopolis to oversee the place until Velnax came back with Kutrax's report.

Battle Beneath Xa NuiEdit

Kunaku later came to the chamber underneath the island of Xa Nui. When Fairon and Rantu came a fierce battle started. Kunaku saw that Rantu had woken up Brominax. Fairon battled Kutrax ,Rantu battled Kunaku and Brominax battled Velnax. Kunaku was knocked down along with Kutrax. The battle ended as Velnax was defeated.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

He is very proud and arrogant and has all abilities standard to a Makuta. He also shapeshifted into a more reptilian form.

Mask and Tool(s)Edit

He wears the Kanohi Avsa, Great Mask of Hunger, which allows him to drain someone's energy and light. His tool is the Scepter of Darkness.



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