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Kunaku is a Makuta of the Melding Alternate Universe, and a current member of the Gigas Magna Resistance. He is one of the top scientists in there, and is smarter and stronger than the original Kunaku is.
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Kunaku (Melding)
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Early lifeEdit

Kunaku was created, along with all other Makuta, by the Great Beings on Spherus Magna, after the Melding. He, along with all other Makuta, learned to keep his darkness out, and became a being of pure light, he became a guard of the Great Beings' fortress, and he became a scientist there.

Meeting FyxanEdit

Fyxan was once accidentically teleported to the Melding universe, and the Great Beings had given him permission to leave with Fyxan, and he did, once coming back in the Gigas Magna universe, he arrived in Gigas Nui, the then headquarters of the Bounty Hunters Guild, where he and Fyxan had to fight their way through, they did, and arrived back at the Gigas Magna Resistance base, Kunaku chose to stay, while Fyxan moved on to search for Brominax.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Kunaku is an extremely strong Makuta, but is also very wise, he prefers not to immediately start a fight, but instead, he first thinks if the choices are possible, if they are not, he will fight. He is friendly, but in battle he can be as vicious and monstrous as any Makuta from the Gigas Magna Universe.

Mask and toolsEdit

Kunaku wears the Kanohi Avsa, great Mask of Hunger, it allows him to drain light, energy, or positive emotions from a distance, but he prefers to only use the latter two, since he is a Makuta of Light.


  • He is sometimes called "Light Kunaku", because he is a Makuta of Light
  • He was originally going to be called "Light Kunaku", but the idea was scrapped without reason, it is still used as a nickname, though