"A towering armored colossus with power to match Death's own."
―Narration, The Last Apocalypse

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Life was the creator of the Life Multiverse and one of three High Beings to exist in it. He was put to sleep by Death and imprisoned in the Kanohi Ignika.


Creation of the MultiverseEdit

A void in space and time exploded, causing the creation of a hundred universes in one multiverse. A being named Life appeared, who personally created Planet Prime, at the multiverse's center. He then traveled back in time and created himself. After completing the multiverse, he traveled to other universes outside the multiverse to get inspiration for creations. One frequent stop was Spherus Magna, where the Great Beings were creating the Great Spirit Mata Nui. From their designs, Life created the Skrall, Matoran, Toa, and others, and populated the multiverse with them.

The Skrall InsurrectionEdit

Life eventually grew tired of copying the designs of the Great Beings, so he created a being named Energy, with the power to control energy and matter themselves. Life debated whether or not to create a being more powerful than he, so he designed Energy to be loyal, with no thoughts of rebellion. Soon after, Life created several species of Rahi, such as the Gligg.

A thousand years after the creation of the multiverse, a group of Skrall rebelled against Life and conquered the planet of Rygnos. Frantic and unwilling to see his multiverse torn apart by war, Life ordered Energy to defeat the Skrall forces, which Energy did easily. Energy asked if he could create an organization named after Life dedicated to preserving order, and Life permitted it.

The Fall of LifeEdit

"I shall rule the multiverse...and then...we shall have...peace."

A hundred thousand years after the creation of the multiverse, a powerful being named Death mysteriously appeared on Planet Prime. Death incinerated the planet's surface and demolished Life's Skrall guardians. When the two beings battled, Death bested Life and imprisoned him in Life's Mask of Life, putting him to sleep, and only the timely arrival of six Toa Nuva kept Death from taking the mask and conquering the multiverse. Lewa Nuva hid the mask in an unknown location. However, Life began sending telepathic messages and prophecies to Energy.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Little is known about Life's powers. However, he was able to spontaneously generate life, which was a power that he could release in a Nova Blast. He was also able to travel in time, and had a limited view of the future.


The Last Apocalypse