The Life Multiverse is a location in the storyline of The Last Apocalypse, comprised of a hundred separate universes.

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It was created by the High Being called Life, who then transported himself backwards in time to create himself and avoid the paradox of him being constructed from nothing. He then created a hundred universes, all their materials and planets and stars, and journeyed to other universes outside his multiverse to find ideas on what to populate his worlds with. After going to Spherus Magna, he picked up many ideas, such as the Matoran, Toa, and Skrall.

Eventually, Life grew bored of copying off others' designs, and so created Energy, his lieutenant, a near-infinitely powerful being with power greater than Life's own. He also created two powerful stones, called the Vorg and Nui stones, and put them in the hands of Energy, telling to hide them, which Energy would do, millennia later. At the time, there was also a Skrall rebellion, led by The Shadowed One, which Energy put down easily. Energy requested the creation of a society called the Order of Life dedicated to maintain order, and Life agreed. Meanwhile, The Shadowed One created an organization called the Dark Hunters.

A hundred thousand years after Life came into being, a mysterious being named Death appeared on the slopes of the Mountain of Life, perhaps from another universe. he defeated Life in battle, put Life's spirit inside the Ignika, and proclaimed himself ruler of the multiverse. However, he could not truly be so without the Kanohi Ignika, which was stolen from him by Toa Lewa. As a result, the Order of Life went into hiding.

A team of three Toa was sent by Energy to eliminate Death five hundred thousand years later, as Life's unconscious will did not permit Energy to do so. The mission failed spectacularly, as Leut was transported a hundred thousand years into the future, Tanma was turned into a vicious Gligg Rahi, and Luus was badly maimed and mutated and was forced to join the Dark Hunters under the name Shadow.


The multiverse is comprised of a hundred universes, which are as follows:

  • Prime Universe
    • Planet Prime, the center of the multiverse
    • Odina Prime, the Dark Hunter base
    • Karzahni, a planet ruled by Death
    • Xenia, an uninhabited gas giant
  • Consium Universe
    • Consium IX, a planet inhabited mainly by Av-Matoran
  • Ingaxtil Universe
    • Ingaxtil Galaxy, inhabited solely by a species of sentient stars
  • Rygnos Universe
    • Rygnos, a planet inhabited mainly by Ko-Matoran
  • Toa Universe
    • Avadox, a planet inhabited mainly by Toa
  • Vantruss Universe
    • Vantruss IX, a planet inhabited mainly by Talon's species

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  • Askar
  • Doxkorm
  • Ixgatro
  • Kanskar
  • Kondius
  • Kopaka (Deceased)
  • Nostram
  • "Talon"
  • The Shadowed One
  • Vatsar
  • Xavtuk
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