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Miserix is the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Biography Edit

Miserix was created by Mata Nui as the leader of the Rahi-creating organization known as the Brotherhood of Makuta.

As the League of the Six Kingdoms rose to power, Miserix hired Takadox to spy for him. The League was eventually defeated by Miserix's lieutenant, Makuta Teridax.

500 years later, the Matoran Civil War erupted, and Teridax was again sent to end the conflict. Teridax later overthrew Miserix as he developed a plan to put Mata Nui to sleep and take control of the universe. Miserix was imprisoned on the island of Artidax.

Miserix was freed in 1,001 AGC by Brutaka and a team assembled by the Order of Mata Nui. He then searched the Matoran Universe for Teridax, wishing revenge on his old enemy. He learned from another Makuta that Teridax was in Metru Nui, and Miseris traveled there in time to save the Toa Hagah from a surge of molten Protodermis.

After meeting up with Helryx, Keetongu, Axonn, and Brutaka under the Coliseum, they learned that Teridax had taken control of Mata Nui's body. Teridax proceeded to "kill" Miserix, but in fact the Makuta was kept alive, but was suffering under an illusion so powerful Miserix himself believed it.

Miserix was later freed from the illusion by Tren Krom. Battle lines were soon drawn after disagreement on what action should be taken against Teridax; however, they were stopped by Artakha's arrival. Sensing their arrival, Teridax teleported them into outer space, where they would have died had they not been rescued by Vezon. The group suddenly found themselves in a chamber on Bota Magna, where they met a Great Being who declared that they would set him free.

Gigas Magna StorylineEdit

It is known that at some point before his imprisonment, Miserix traveled to Xa Nui on a routine inspection, where he met the Matoran known as Fairon.

He was later freed from Artidax by the Order of Darkness, in exchange for which he agreed to work with them to defeat their foes, the Order of Mata Nui. He was sent to Daxia, where he took the form of Toa Helryx and imprisoned the real leader. In her form, Miserix sent Fairon and Rantu off on missions, both of which were actually Order of Darkness traps.

Organization of Darkness War sagaEdit

Miserix was the Makuta of Paxila.

After his rescue by Brutaka, Teridax teleported Miserix to a cell in the Makuta Jail. He later was mutated by Vezon. Miserix escaped from his cell somehow and freed the Mata Nui Army.

Abilities and traitsEdit

Like all Makuta, Miserix is in full control of the Kraata powers.

Alternate formsEdit

Picture Form Description
150px Gigas Magna Storyline version Miserix while working for the Order of Darkness.
150px Template:User version Miserix in the Organization of Darkness War.
150px Template:User version Miserix after Resurrection (Makuta Resurrection storyline)

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