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Climate and geographyEdit

Noctia is a Tropical island, and its entire perimeter is covered in sandy beaches, there is also a large jungle towards the middle of the island, and many matoran villages. there are a group of hills known as the quarries because many matoran mine there. on the top is a onu-matoran/matoran of gravity village overlooking the ocean on one side and the jungle on the other. it is sunny 3 out of four seasons while in winter it rains, also the water around the island is always warm. do to this the water around noctia is very much integrated into the matoran culture, these tempters also cause many sea rahi to live near the islands. the waters are usually calm except next next to the sand/po-matoran village which has large swells on a daily basses. out side of the ga-matoran village is a large corral reef. it has a bay know as tentacle bay where two rocks jet out into the water booth look like tentacles this completes the fact that the island looks like a squid and promotes matoran legends


Noctia is a city island made out of wood and islands (like the kingdom of mata nui) it is in the same chain of islands as Gekkak-nui, it purpose is unknown (purpose like, metru nui is mata nui's brain). the Toa Noctia where dedicated to protecting this island. parts of it are tropical in climate while others are icy and cold and even volcanic. Ga-Koro was all ways over-flowed with water. the island was governed by Noctians it is all so Leviathos' homeland. their is a huge ominous makuta base. this is the main base for Visorak free of the brotherhoods reign the visorak will help at any cause and often help the island when rahkshi attack. Makuta base. recently it has been combine with the rest of the noctian islands and is on Noctxia Magna


  • there is a legend that noctia was a giant squid terrorizing the matoran but mata nui turned into stone although this rumor is completely untrue it is a widespread belief

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