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Noctians were a species native to Noctia.


The Noctians where created by Mata Nui at the same time as the Barraki and they soon peacefully joined the faction of Ehlek, but after the League of Six Kingdoms fell a power struggle began, the loss of troops forced the Noctian islands to unite under one banner with the Noctians as leaders. They made a deal with Acrosha and Xia to end the war giving all of the factions bad weapons forcing a cease fire. Now most of them live on Noctxia Magna thanks to the unidentified Great Being moving their homeland.


Although able to be mutated when exposed to pit mutagen Noctians are not severely mutated. they have tentacles however the number of tentacles and the color is based on the Noctian. they also are bioluminescent and amphibious. They generally have armor plated heads.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Noctians can unleash blasts of ink out of their tentacles. They can determine what kind of ink (poisonous, acidic, or blinding, etc.) before firing. They also have command over elements and masks However, the elemental powers are also not uniform, although water is very common

Gender DifferencesEdit

All male Noctians have fangs and spikes on their heads, while females do not, though the females do have teeth instead of fangs.

Known membersEdit


  • although they live in the MU they are similar to glatorian as they both are capable of having the emotion of love as well as actually ingesting food both of which are heavily frowned upon by MU inhabitants