The Noctxia Guardians are a secretive organization dedicated to protecting the planet of Noctxia Magna. Template:Faction Infobox


The organization was created by a currently unidentified being shortly after the creation of Noctxia Magna. It kept in hiding for almost a hundred thousand years.

Its existence was recently discovered by the Brotherhood of Fear. They destroyed one of the Guardians' outposts and attacked their main headquarters, though they were driven back in the latter assault. The Guardians decided to retaliate by attacking the base of the Brotherhood, but were forced to escape after they discovered that they had been trapped.

Leviathos has recently proposed a deal with the leader of the organization. The details of the deal are unknown. their base was later destroyed by night watcher and the BoF they retaliated on the BoF but after realizing that it was nightwatchers fault allied with the BoF in the Brotherhood of Unity

Known MembersEdit


  • This is their theme song.


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