Omega Being

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Omega Beings are a species of immortals.


The first and only two Omega Beings so far in the story were created by a group of Great Beings obsessed with creating the perfect species. The first was Energy, which was created by a Great Being who called himself Life. Using Energy's power, he was able to create the Life Universe, where he hid from the other Great Beings, not wishing for them to find the newly created Omega Being.

Later, Antidax and his companions succeeded in creating the Omega Being, whom they called Matata. However, when they realized that their creation would be able to control reality itself, they attempted to kill him befor he could fully develop his powers. Matata survived the assassination attempt, and in revenge unleashed Energized Protodermis on Spherus Magna, causing the Shattering.

A Toa named Charon attempted to collect a bounty on Matata, not knowing that he controlled reality. After killing his Toa Skeelax "protectors," he attacked Matata, but was quickly defeated and mutated into a hideous form. Matata, however, retained an interest in Charon, and continued to watch him over the years as he adopted the name "Nightwatcher."

Matata was at one point contacted by Tetrack, who asked him to interfere with Nightwatcher's latest bounty hunting mission, which Matata did gladly, throttling the hunter and inflicting the most possible pain that he could recover from.

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