The Order of Darkness is an organization created by Antidax to take over the universe and rule it like an empire.Template:Faction Infobox

History Edit

The Order of Darkness was first created when Antidax wanted to take over the universe with succes. His first allies were the Kodax, whom Antidax had created. He then assigned Velnax to recruit a few more beings for his organization so he could gain power. More coming soon

Known actions Edit

  • Started the First Order of Darkness War
  • Attacked Xa Nui
  • Attacked Sacho Nui
  • Recruited many dark beings
  • Assaulted Sacho Nui to take it over
  • Started the construction of The Citadel

Members Edit

Headquarters Edit

  • Kodax Magna (Formerly)
  • The Dreadnought (Currently) (Antidax hides there)
  • Robotopolis (Formerly) (Destroyed)

Appearances Edit

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