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plasma protodermis is protodermis that was heated into a plasma and cooled back to a liquid while still retaining its plasma qualities how this phenomenon occurs is still unknown but it is known that plasma protodermis has many strange abilities.

abilities and traitsEdit

it is somewhat between a plasma and a liquid. it powers are created by combining it with other substances. in its natural state it can heal any wound however by adding a drop of energized protodermis to it it becomes a leathal chemical that will kill a being on impact. if mixed with energies (pit mutagen, electricity, toa power, ect.) it gains mutenagenic properties that mutate a being to adapt the surondings of the place they where mutated. one of Krakanus's scientists has recently discovered if you mix antidermis with plasma protodermis it makes a virus that can corupt and mutate beings