Power Triangle

Trapping/releasing beings


In existence

The Power Triangle is a powerful object created by the Terri.


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The Triangle was made by a weapon-manufacturing group known as the Terri. It eventually came into the hands of the Order of Great Beings during the Core War, and it was experimented on until they learned that it had the power to trap a being's soul inside the Confusion Dimension. They attempted to destroy it, but found that they were incapable of doing so.

When the Great Being Axconox attempted to defect from the Order, he was captured and imprisoned in a statue made with unbreakable stone, made from the Triangle. It was then broken into three pieces and hidden across the universe. One of these pieces was found by Brominax, leader of the Enforcers of Gigas Magna. Brominax hid it in his throne, not wanting to cast it away, and only revealed its existence to the elite members.

During the Bounty Hunter Wars, a group of Bounty Hunters, including Janneus, Draconius, and Ora, discovered the location of one of the pieces and successfully obtained it after passing through the obstacles. They later managed to steal the Enforcers' piece from Gigas Nui in a raid.

The Enforcers, aware that the Bounty Hunters' Guild would attempt to obtain the third piece, raced to the spot where the piece was to be found, and both the Enforcers and the Guild raced to pass the obstacles.

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The Power Triangle is capable of trapping beings' souls inside it, and is powerful enough to overcome even Great Beings.

It can only be destroyed by an Omega Being, leading some to suspect that the Omega Beings created the device.



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