"What happened?"
"I'll tell you what happened. The Rahkshi happened.
Riff and Maka-Taka on the Rahkshi of Growth [src]

The Rahkshi of Growth is an artificially generated variation of Rahkshi. Template:Character Infobox



The Rahkshi of Growth were created by an alternate Teridax during his reign to help enforce his laws and destroy the resistance movement.

One specimen attacked the Bara Magna Resistance Movement on their mission to the Matoran Universe. It was shot by Maka-Taka's Shadow Blaster, which activated its Growth power and caused it to increase in size to a height of about two hundred feet. It killed Bug-Eyed, but the rest of the team escaped.

It was later discovered by Poisonot, who used his power to successfully tame it. They terrorized a small Matoran island, and later encountered the Bara Magna Resistance Team again.

Nightwatcher acquired a pet Rahkshi of Growth during the Second Order of Darkness War. It is unknown if it is the same specimen that was in Poisonot's possession.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

It is capable of growing exponentially every time force is applied against it, or at will. It carries a staff that, when in contact with something, can grow or shrink it as the Rahkshi wishes.