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The railgun is a weapon in the Gigas Magna Storyline.


The railgun was first developed by Mordrax in 986 AGC. After his crippling accident, it was incorporated into his mechanical suit. When he was transformed by Shadowdermis, the railgun was fused to his body along with the rest of his suit, and Mordrax used it to incapacitate Nightwatcher.

By 1,010 AGC, the railgun had replaced the plasma cannon in most areas, as it was infinitely easier and cheaper than the plasma cannon to mass-produce. Massive railguns began to become present on Galactic Republic ships, equipped with tips that could release electromagnetic pulses able to knock out the power of entire cities.


Railguns are designed with two parallel metal rails built into them, and have an electrical power pack within the gun that can be recharged. A metal projectile is placed between the rails, and when the gun is fired, the power pack makes the rails behave as an electromagnet, pushing the projectile forward at high velocity.

Most railgun projectiles are equipped with tips that, upon impact, release a non-lethal electromagnetic pulse that temporarily deactivates all electronics in the radius, which usually leads to the temporary incapacitation of biomechanical beings. The electronic material turns on half an hour to many hours later, depending on the power of the pulse.

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