Ralox is a Makuta and the army leader of the Order of Darkness, he is also a former member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Ralox Complete
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Elemental Shadow powers, Kraata powers


Gun, Sword



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Early lifeEdit

Ralox was created in the Makuta Pool alongside all other Makuta, their purpose being to create Rahi. He was pretty good at making Rahi, as he made a few reptillian Rahi. He also had a rivalry with Kutrax. He became best friends with Filax later. When Teridax betrayed Miserix he sided with Teridax.

The Hunt for Antidax Edit

Ralox was set in a plan by Antidax to destroy Brominax completely. The plan was to go to the place where Brominax was, and then take him out along with his strike team. Antidax got there along with Velnax first, and then he, Kutrax, Kunaku and Filax also teleported there to fight. After a short fight they won, Brominax was captured and put in a coma, while his team members were imprisoned at the Dreadnought for interrogation by the Order of Darkness' agents.

Order of Darkness Edit

He and Filax were recruited by Antidax when he joined the Brotherhood of Makuta to see Velnax's activity. He was appointed leader of the Order of Darkness army because he had great fighting skills and was very disciplined. Antidax recently assigned him with taking Sacho Nui to build The Citadel there.

The Darkness Returns Edit

Coming soon

Abilities and Traits Edit

Ralox has all standard Makuta powers, plus extra powers given to him by Antidax.

Mask and Tools Edit

What mask Ralox wears is currently unknown. His tools are a gun and a sword.

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