Rantu is a Toa of Aura and a member of the Order of Mata Nui.


Early LifeEdit

Rantu was once a Xa-Matoran from the island of Sacho Nui. At one point, he was recruited by the Order of Mata Nui and brought to Template:Canon, where he was given a Template:Canon and transformed into a Toa.

He and two other Toa, Fairon and Flamu, were shown the arts of battle by the training instructor Dorex. Flamu was sent on a mission to defeat the emerging Order of Darkness and find the missing Great Being Brominax. When the Toa of Fire vanished without a trace, Rantu and Fairon were sent on the same mission.

First Order of Darkness WarEdit

Rantu and Fairon were teleported to the city of Robotopolis, but instead emerged from the dimensional void at the island of Xa Nui. They were ambushed by Kunaku, and Rantu was knocked unconscious but woke early enough stop the Makuta from killing Fairon. Kunaku, defeated, teleported away.

The two Toa were then cornered by Xa-Matoran infected by Shadowdermis, but were saved themselves by Brominax's assistant Fyxan.

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Abilities and TraitsEdit

Rantu as a Toa of Aura could create, control and absorb Aura energy. He can also change his colors if he wants. He also has after intense training a mental barrier which prevents mental attacks and mind reading.

Mask and toolsEdit

Rantu wears a Kanohi Kualsi mask of quick travel. His tool is a sword made of protosteel.



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